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Now we know why Jude Law made his little "Oops, I got a groupie pregnant statement," Samantha Burke probably was about to come forward and milk her 15 minutes of fame for all it is worth.

Photos of a pregnant Samantha have already been leaked to the press. You know that she probably leaked them to TMZ herself. Poor kid is probably just an 18 year paycheck for this woman.

Rani Mukherjee In Bikini - Oops

With so many young and bold girls entering the film industry, Rani Mukherjee seems to have finally felt the heat . Following the debacle of her last few films, she has resorted to skin show. Yes, the grapevine is abuzz with the news that she is wearing a bikini in her upcoming film Dil Bole Hadippa, where she acts opposite Shahid Kapoor.

It is said that Rani appears in two get ups in the film. She plays a Sikh cricketer in one of the avatars, and in the other, she is said to be appearing in a bikini. Sources said that she trained under Aamir Khan’s trainer Satyadev Chaurasia in order to fit into the tiny swimsuit.

The news is also doing the rounds that the presence of hot babes Rakhi Sawant and Sherlyn Chopra in the film pushed Rani further to shed her clothes. Aditya Chopra, who is rumoured to be seeing Rani, is producing it under Yash Raj Films banner and Anurag Singh directs it. Source

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Sienna Miller’s bikini top malfunction! Oops.. her tiny bikini top slipped down as she hits the waves in California with her boyfriend, Rhys Ifans. Does it look like she is wearing panties instead of bikini bottoms? Perhaps her bottoms got washed away by the waves, what do you think?

Daily Mail has the uncensored version of her nipple slip!

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The letter to Lindsay Lohan from the folks of Morgan Creek Production haven’t done anything to change her ways. Well its not that anyone can really expect it would.


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Some people saw Lindsay Lohan wearing a bikini at her house, and according to X17, she also jumped on a plane to party in Las Vegas. If there’s one thing that Lindsay can do is to act… act like a brat. Yes coz she really cant act.

But Dina Lohan, Lindsay’s mother really thinks her daughter can act. Dina came to her daughter’s defence over the whole letter fiasco, and even went so far to claim that Lindsay would win an Oscar for her “work” on the Georgia Rule.

When Dina was asked what she thought about the unprecedented blast brought by executive James G. Robinson, she said she feels that when you are 19, it was out of line. She also considered that Robinson may have his personal reasons and it came out with Lindsay. But she still thinks that what he did was not a smart thing to do a young girl.

Mischa Barton cellulite picture

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Mischa Barton, the 22-year-old actress was photographed revealing her dreaded cellulite backside as she sunbathed in bikini in Australia this weekend. Oops, she is still very young.

Canon_oopsThose of you who got all excited about a recent Canon commercial on Channel 5 where a cute girl dives to get a ball and her bikini flew off will be disappointed to know that the model was completely covered up. So you can stop killing the freeze frame on your VCR now. Sheesh, talk about nipple-deprived.

How I know? The model, Angela, said so herself.

And no, I wasn't searching for anything nipple-related when I found the site. Really lah.


My gosh, people are still wondering about the canon ad...a friend sent me a link to a forum, and it was regarding the ad. here's a couple of lines:

"Does anyone know of the recent Canon ad where there was this quite girl diving to get a ball or something and her bikini just flew off? I think the right nip was visible...or maybe my eyes played a trick on me. Does anyone have a video capture of it? "

"dun think got nipple lor.... "

"Can someone pls help us video cap it so that we can carefully scrutinise the scene?"

"lol...i can see evryone opening their eyes big big le...wana spot the 'spot'..i guess..."

"But I would continue in my tireless quest in search for the golden nip..."

HAHAHAHAHA SPOT the spot??? tireless quest?? Dudes... yes i was wearing a nipple sticker and a nude bra on top of that PLUS hollywood tape. No spots to spot! HAHAhahAHah

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Elle Macpherson in a bikini and showing her pubic hair. Wow, i think it’s a disaster.
What do you think? Brazilian wax? Shave? Elle Macphearson in a bikini

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